Everything is at the Center of the Universe

(A thought experiment by Guy)

The reason for this exercise is to show why when we look out into space we see the same distance "away" in every direction, as though we are at the center of the Universe.

Think of the Universe as being Canada. Prior to the Big Bang Canada is crumpled up like a piece of paper. Canada is a singularity. The paper is infinitely crumpled so that Vancouver and Montreal occupy the same location; lets call that location the center of the Universe. There is no time, even Newfoundland has the same time = 0.

After the Big Bang Canada expands to become space and time and energy and mass. Don't think in terms of a Jolly Giant pulling on the east and west coast to stretch Canada into the Universe with Winnipeg at the center. Rather the singularity of Canada expands to become the Universe and allows space and time to be. Your mental picture has now fallen apart; it has no model that you can imagine in 3 dimensions,... relax, that is what is supposed to happen if you are following the right path.

Since Vancouver and Montreal were at the same location (center of the Universe) at the singularity, they both still have a valid claim to being at the center of the Universe after the Big Bang and Canada's expansion. They are separated by space and time within Canada, but Canada has no coasts, no edge. All locations can be described as being at the center.

Remember how Canada was just one small smooth part of the inflated but still crumpled paper? Those deep folds and creases that are still left in other parts of the uncrumpled-but-not-flat piece of paper are places where omega was greater than one and at those locations the Universe collapsed into a big crunch. The larger-than-Canada flat areas are where omega was less than one, and expansion ruled over mass (runaway expansion). It is as if Canada is just one country in a World of other countries. A multi-Universe.

Prior to the Big Bang the whole World including Canada was located at the center of the Universe, a singularity with no separation of space (distance) and no time. After the Big Bang Canada becomes separated from the other countries by the creation of space and time but can still call its location "the center of the Universe", just as Vancouver and Montreal do in the Canada-flavour of the Universe.

(Canada and all the other countries are happy to be located in one location, but the USA wants to be everywhere)

Having said all that,... in the truest sense it is not appropriate to use the words "center of the Universe" as that implies a shape. That is why I was careful to use the word "location" and not "position" when describing the center of the Universe for the purpose of this thought experiment.

The more concise descriptive phrase might be to say the "the Universe has no center". That allows our mind to immediately ponder a configuration not confined by shape.

By using an introductory model that allows for the center of the Universe to be everywhere it makes for a smaller step over the precipice into a spacetime infinity with no center and no edge.

Since Canada is 13.7 billion years old, any location that we look "out" from we can see back in time and space an equal distance in every direction (theoretically 13.7 lys) as though we are looking towards the singularity. Both Vancouver and Montreal are the same 13.7 billion lys separated from the singularity so the perspective from each is as if they hold a preferred central location but we know that is but an accident of birth.

It is only Toronto that believes the hype.