Mirror Cleaning


But if you are like me and can't help yourself, at least try to do no harm.

A little bit of dirt or dust is of no consequence to the quality of the mirror as a reflecting surface. Even waving your hand in front of the tube does little or nothing, so a bit of dust will do even less.

Pure Cotton balls, Q-tips, compressed air, soft camel hair lens brushes,.... none of these things will touch my mirror.

Isopropyl alcohol,..... no alcohol is used, in any form, when cleaning my mirror.

Here is what I do:

Remove mirror cell holding the primary mirror and put both of them in the kitchen sink with the mirror near vertical. Place some towels to prevent slippage.

In a one pint hand-held spray bottle mix distilled water with 2 or 3 drops of plain (unscented, not anti-bacterial) house-hold dish detergent. I use plain "Joy" brand. Spray continuously until the solution is gone, allowing the solution to run off of the mirror surface. Immediately rinse thoroughly with distilled water straight from the bottle. Allow the mirror to air dry. If you see any remaining spots of dirt or water drops,.... do nothing about them,.... it just doesn't matter.

To clean the secondary I leave it in place in the primary-less tube, and spray with the same solution as used on the primary. I rinse it using another spray bottle containing only distilled water. Place some towels inside the tube, and under the secondary, to soak up the water. Allow to air dry.

Good luck.

Give yourself some peace of mind, and don't bother ever cleaning your mirror.

There are nights when the wolves are silent and only the moon howls.

- George Carlin