Just Tell Me What To Buy!

I cannot honestly tell you what kind of telescope to buy anymore than I could tell you what kind of car to drive or what kind of food to eat. But what I can tell you is that for "my" first scope I should have purchased an Eight-inch Reflecting Dobsonian.

An eight inch reflector would be a good scope for me to start with because my main interest is in visual observation, I do not take pictures, I have a limited budget, and I need a portable scope to travel to a dark observing location. However my ideal first scope was not the one I ended up with, more on my personal journey here

Before you buy any scope, try binoculars first! Pick up an astronomy magazine from the corner store, "Sky and Telescope","Astronomy", "Sky News" and "Night Sky" all have star maps of the current night sky. Go out at night with your binoculars and your maps and see if this is the life for you. You might find yourself cold, alone in the dark, confused and loosing sleep,... or,...challenged, inspired, rewarded and motivated to explore more.

Check out our local astronomy club for your "next step" rental scope.

For a more comprehensive opinion Link to JR Freeman Website